Low Density, non-flowing Super Fine Iron Powder (IRON325)

IRON325 is a super fine, low density, non-flowing  iron powder directly produced from iron ore using high temperature and hydrogen gas. IRON325 is generally used as a magnetic pigment and in powder metallurgy to manufacture sintered products. Other applications of IRON325 include:

  • Soft magnetic composite compounds
  • Chemical reactions
  • Pigment and magnetic paints/ inks
  • Fingerprinting powder
  • Metal clays
  • Magnetic powder for EM devices (tension control clutches and brakes)

IRON325 Specifications

Chemical Analysis:

Iron > 97.7%
Acid insolubility =< 0.9%
H2-Loss = 0.92%
Apparent Density [HALL] = Typical 1.98 G/CM (Specifications < 2.2)

Typical Screen Analysis:

-100 MESH100%
+200 MESH0.1%
+325 MESH2.4%
-325 MESH97.5%

Comments: The shelf life of IRON325 is guaranteed for 24 months from the shipping date if the product is stored in original unopened containers in a dry – low light storage at room temperature.

Ordering and Pricing

Please contact 973-405-6248 to discuss your specific requirements based on your applications.